photography by
Rebecca Sable


“ Before having our son, everyone told us how amazing creating a family would be. It has been everything and more. It’s truly the greatest blessing. Who knew you could love an amazing and precious baby as much as we do! As our son grows up, we want him to feel like he can explore the world around him and have a place to go back to where there is endless love and support. We hope that this house is a place where he feels loved and cherished. We hope it is a place where he finds comfort and happiness. Ultimately, we hope it is a place that he’ll always remember as his home with bright memories of his family.

The front porch is what sold us on this house. The only thing we added was the church pew that my husband’s parents bought and stored for thirty years hoping it would one day find a cool home. And it did! We love sitting out there on a warm, sunny day greeting our neighbors or just enjoying the day. It is a warm and inviting space where we hope to spend our time as a family as our son grows up.

It was so special getting to bring our son home and introducing him to the place we love most. We hoped our home would be a place filled with love and laughter, with lots of dog kisses.

We wanted our son's nursery to be whimsical and bright. It’s meant to be a space where he can learn, grow, and have fun. We spent lots of time curating it with special things that were important to both of us to make it a reflection of our family. We have a duck print, small goose decoys and trophy from my husband. I hung a Babar first edition book page and a snuggly dog stuffed animal which were two of my favorite things when I was a child. But by far my favorite part is the rocking chair, where I look forward to reading him his favorite books and rocking him to sleep, telling him how much we love him.

My favorite time of day at home is the evening after a long day at work. I get to kick off my shoes, curl up next to the fire and spend time with the people and pets I love most in this world. We usually cook as a family and spend quality time together. I love sitting at the table watching the joy it brings our family to spend time together and share in laughter and love over a good meal.

I believe the sense of home is really developed over a family meal. It is a time of fellowship with the people we love most. We often gather our entire family together at our house for Sunday dinners, where we always start our meals with our family prayer. It is painted on our wall by our son's late great-grandmother. The fact that a piece of her will forever be in our home is something we cherish. I hope the prayer gives you a glimpse into our home ~

Lord behold our family here assembled. We thank thee for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us; for the peace accorded us this day; for the hope with which we expect the morrow; for the health, the work, the food and the bright skies that make outlived delightful; for our friends in all parts of the earth... Give us strength to forbear and persevere... Give us courage and gaiety and the quiet mind. Spare to us our friends soften to us our enemies. Bless us, if it may be, in our innocent endeavors. If it may not, give us strength to encounter that which is to come, that we be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temperate in death, and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.

Home is a place of endless love and hope. It is not limited to the four walls of our house but instead is with my greatest gift, my family. “ ~ Sarah, mother.

Pentax 645N + Nikon D750 | Fuji400 | Film Processing by Photovision

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