photography by
Lauren Peterson


“ When I enter our home, I feel joy and relief ... even if it's a crazy mess. Home is where I am most comfortable, and from it, every area of my life flows as a mom of two precious boys.

I honestly get so excited thinking about cultivating our home to be all that it can be for our family. When we first moved in, I was very focused on decorating and getting all the DIY projects done that we wanted to do. Most recently my obsession has been making the most of each space in our tiny 1200 square-foot home. I'm always thinking and brainstorming ideas to make the spaces in our home more efficient and strategic for our family life day-to-day. This is fun for me and gets me excited. From a very young age, I remember getting this same excitement from rearranging my room! Haha, so I guess it's always been something I've loved.

Our living room (where we photographed our session) is the heart of our home and the first space that welcomes you when you walk in the door. It's where we live day-to-day together and holds so many memories for our family. The main thing that drew us to this home as we were looking to purchase our first house, was the abundant natural light that floods the main rooms. It's also such a special place because it holds the most of the TLC we've put into fixing this little house up.

Family is so special to me! It started with marrying such an amazing man to walk with and follow God together. Those two factors being the foundation make raising a family the most fulfilling and worthwhile thing I've ever done.

There's so much more sacrifice than I anticipated, but there’s even more reward. ” ~ Sarah, mother

Photographing new families in the comfort of their homes has become increasingly important to me. Everyone's home is a true reflection of themselves every corner lovingly designed and intentionally put together the warm pieces of their hearts interwoven in every room. Home is our safe place where we come to feel peace and grace amidst the chaos of every day life. It's so incredible to capture my clients in the very place that completes them.

In this particular session, we had a bit of extra room to work with as Sam had been building a new dining room table for their family with his own hands. Now they have a true piece of handcrafted art that they come together around every day and will likely remain an heirloom in their family for years to come. Sam and Sarah welcomed sweet new baby Hudson to join big brother Jude and I was honored to witness their dynamic as a new family of four, just loving on one another in all of the spaces of their home. ~ Lauren, photographer, Lauren Peterson Photography

Pentax 645n | Fuji 400h (pushed one stop) + Portra 800 | Film Processing by Photovision

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