photography by
Olya Vitulli


“ We wanted to have family photos with our 9 and 6 year-old children during my third pregnancy to capture our last times together as a family of four, and to capture our anticipation and excitement for the new baby. We wanted a natural backdrop for our session and this location provided exactly that. The photos in my opinion are timeless, soft, and just make me feel very at peace.

My family is my everything. There is nothing more special than watching your children bonding and growing up together. As a family, we enjoy the beach, biking, picnics, and in general being outside and appreciating nature. Our favorite times are weekends, when we can spend time together and relax/unwind from the week.

My children make me feel loved and appreciated. The most fulfilling aspect of being in a family is knowing that there are people in this world who are always there for you and that you never have to be lonely. Having children is a lot more challenging … and at the same time a lot more rewarding … than I ever anticipated. Parenthood is life's greatest teacher. It challenges you almost every day and tests your limits. At the same time, being a parent makes you appreciate life, your own parents, and yourself in new ways.

We are now a family of five and these images are so special to us. I find myself looking at them every few days and feeling so happy and peaceful. We will cherish these forever. ” ~ Lena, mother

‘Home’ is not necessarily a physical location. Instead, it is more of a conceptual, intimate space that one creates and exists in. It is a place where one's soul is fulfilled and one’s heart blossoms… a place of comfort and love. A place of refuge… a sanctuary. This family finds home in each other's arms. They share a very beautiful and intimate connection.
Olya, photographer, Olya Vitulli Photography

Pentax645n | Fuji400h | Film Processing by The FIND lab

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