photography by
Talia Laird


“ Family is the most important thing to me. It's about unconditional love, sharing and caring, sanity (and lack there of), and always apologizing and accepting.

My family has taught me things that you can only learn through motherhood. Each of my children have unique personalities — family is about bringing all of our personalities together to be united. They complete me; they make me laugh, make me cry, make me worry. They come first.

My spouse is my opposite. He helps me stay calm and takes the time to help me realize I need to live in the moment. He is spontaneous and not afraid of what life throws at him. We balance each other!

Outside of my little family, my parents and my in-laws are always there to lend a helping hand. Most recently, when having our third baby, we had a safe place for our older two to stay while we were in the hospital. Knowing they were safe, taken care of, and spoiled was just so relieving!

When I enter my home, I feel complete. I am greeted with hugs but also overwhelmed with chores. ;) My favorite time of day with my family is dinner time. We pray together, get to hear about each other's day, and get to answer an abundance of questions that they had in their minds all day ( … or just in that moment)!

Home is where my family is. It's watching my children learn and play. Home is not always tidy and put together. It has toys and tents in the living room and toothpaste in the sink. Our home is filled with laughter and tears, but days always end with a good bed-tucking, kisses, and ‘uga- muggas’ ( thanks to Daniel the tiger ;)). ” ~ Meagan, mother

I met this sweet family in the heart of my quaint little town Oconomowoc. Before I was even born, my parents owned a large 3-story home on the lake. For most of my life, they have shared their nostalgic memories of their former life on the lake and enjoying those sweet, small-town festivities. When my husband and I found a home just a few minutes away from where they used to live, we knew it felt right. Now I do a lot of my sessions right here in this little downtown area because it has such a personal history for me. My clients actually live quite a ways from here, but we all truly believe that home is wherever your family is (and for a newborn baby, home is wherever momma's arms are). Sweet little Milo fell asleep instantly at the start of the session and slept through the whole thing in the arms of the ones who love him dearly.
~ Talia, photographer, Talia Laird Photography

Pentax 645nii | Fuji 400h | Film Processing by Photovision
Canon 5d Mark iv | Canon 50mm 1.2L

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